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Tourist Attractions In Kenya
City Tour
There are so many destinations to see in Kenya, within the border one can find savanna rich with game, modern culture which is unchanged by modern world, coral & beaches, equatorial forests, snow caped mountains, deserts & endless opportunities for adventure. Kenya is just a medium size country it lies astride the equator coast of Africa. Kenya has rich culture born of Myriad sources which is influenced both new & old. In Kenya the modern & traditional lives are found side by side among the busy urban life the fresh greass stips are on other side for Maasa hedsmen to graze their cattle The result is absolutely unique culture.
Lamu Island
Lamu Island is the part of Kenya, it is the principal inhabited part of island built in coral stone & mangrove timber it has major Muslims religious festivals & became significant center for Islamic study,....More
Samburu National Park
Samburu National Park situated in the Northern part of Kenya It is the home of Kamunyak a lioness famous for adopt in calves. it is situated on the other side of river in Northern Kenya Samburu ...More

Kenya is blessed with beautiful scenic picture visitors enjoy the sightseeing national park, marine park & Lamu island & more. Kenya is a country of dramatic extremes & classic contrasts, wildlife safari is the top tourist attractions in Kenya which other activities include trekking Mount Kenya.
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